A New Season Of Wonderful Ministry At Church On The Rise

Each year brings new and exciting challenges at Church on the Rise. There is never a shortage of new opportunities and new accomplishments to look back on. And, of course, there are always new people who choose to embrace God and to follow his Word in their everyday lives.

And this past year was no exception. It brought some truly wonderful events to the church community. Sr. Lead Pastor Patti Endrei recounts her thoughts on this past year at Church on the Rise, and she has much to report:

“It was our comeback year!” Pastor Patti explains. “God specializes in turning our setbacks into comebacks, and when He does, we win in life and grow in faith. Let us all get ready for a close encounter with the Lord in this current year, and see it as the Year of Freedom, as we seek the Lord personally and corporately and build up our marriages and family here at the Church for the Whole Family.”

Church on the Rise remains a very important part of the community in Westlake, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. It is a vital and growing as it brings more people to Christ every week!

“When we put faith and family first we will see a divine intervention of Biblical proportions to see the impossible become possible,” Pastor Patti says.

For example, she recalls a very special visit to the church from Pastor Joel Osteen’s sister, April Osteen, who led weekend services this year.  “And April rocked the house!”

Pastor Endrei reports that this year, the church has a very special celebration planned to commemorate its 25th anniversary. This will provide an opportunity to implement the church’s powerful vision for the future and to highlight the “three Bs” we all need in our lives!

  • To Believe: “Every one of us needs to renew our faith and trust in God!”
  • To Belong: “Every human heart needs to experience community and a ‘family feeling’ when gathering together with God’s wonderful people!”
  • To Become: “Each of us needs to grow, stretch, and reach our full potential in Christ! The Kingdom of God is about ‘being’ not doing, and it’s time for all of us to Be All That God has Called Us to Be so we can Take our City for God!”

At Church on the Rise there is something for everyone regardless of what age and stage of life you are at!

The Kidz on the Rize Ministry had much to celebrate as well. The Kids Volunteer Training, led by Children’s Ministry expert John Tasch, was a big success. More than 300 attended KidsFest this past year, and many of those heard and responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! And the church through Kidz on the Rize implemented a Family Devotional that makes it so much easier for parents to minister to their kids every day!

Under the leadership of Sarah Dischinger, the church continues to use a pre-school curriculum from one of the country’s largest churches, LifeChurch.TV. Professional Nanny Lisa Hardin continues to head up the Nursery Team as it provides a safe and loving atmosphere for young children and peace of mind for parents!

The coming year has just as much in store. Among the goals is to better equip parents and guardians to be spiritual leaders in the home. Another is to prioritize weekly kids services by eliminating some events so that time and resources can be put where they are most needed. And, finally, this year will see the Kids Ministry going into the community for even more acts of service to make an even greater impact on those who need our help.

Again this year, services at Church on the Rise are held each Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m., and there is also an “Hour of Power” Prayer Service on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. And you will be impressed by our Kids Ministry! We have programs for kids from newborns to teenagers and everything in between. And when you entrust your children to us you’ll know that we go above and beyond to ensure their safety and security.

The church has so much to offer to all its members. Adults can continue to enjoy and benefit from Connect Groups that address a variety of different needs. And some of these involve reaching out to the community to help others, and in particular those who need God’s help most! This includes both Men’s and Women’s Prison Ministries as well as The City Mission and Food Pantry Ministry. And we can’t forget our Assisted Living and Nursing Home Ministry! We always make a point of thinking about those who are vulnerable and who most need our help.

No matter what time of year it is, there is always something of value going on at Church on the Rise. And there is always an enthusiastic team of staff and volunteers who are ready to move the Ministry forward in a positive way to bring Christ’s teachings to as many people as possible. When you have the right team, there is nothing you can’t do to advance God’s work! Keep in mind that there is 24-hour Care Ministry available online. Fill in your prayer request or other need 24 hours, and the staff will go to prayer for you and/or contact you about your need asap.

The message at Church on the Rise is always life-affirming and contemporary. And it is always relevant to the kinds of experiences we are all going through today. We don’t judge or condemn anyone; we focus on love and devotion to God’s Word. And we deliver all of this in a casual and friendly atmosphere. We are excited about our future and fulfilling our God-given destiny, and we look forward to meeting you soon in person at Church on the Rise!

Church on the Rise is a Non-Denominational, family oriented church located at 3550 Crocker Road in Westlake, Ohio. To get there from I-90, take the Westlake/Crocker Road exit and go south one mile. From I-480, take the Crocker Road exit and head north for two miles. The church is located directly across the street from UH/St. John Medical Center.